Advanced Captivate 2019

Take Captivate to the next level with a one-day course that gets you working with the many exciting new advanced features to really bring your content forward.


Captivate now has editable animation effects and smoothly interacts with Photoshop and Illustrator for enhanced and efficient content development. It records high definition videos and it supports the use of variables to allow the creation of highly personalized and realistic materials.

Course objectives

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Captivate’s higher-end functionality while generally improving efficiency and production quality.

Course Syllabus

Choose any or all of the below subject areas.

  • Using the Captivate Draft app
  • Encoding video files for use in Captivate (using the ‘Adobe Media Encoder’)
  • Adding and editing animation effects
  • Recording high definition 'screen casts'
  • Using the 'state' view.
  • Using buttons to trigger animation effects and switch object visibility on/off
  • Integrating Adobe Photoshop
  • Integrating with Illustrator
  • Introduction to Animate
  • Inserting and editing learning interactions into the project
  • Creating and insert ‘system’ and ‘user’ variables
  • Using variables to gather data
  • Creating ‘conditional' and 'shared' actions
  • Detailed use of advanced 'Drag and drop' functionality
  • Reviewing projects pre-publishing with the Captivate ‘Reviewer’ software
  • Publishing for Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Using the Geolocation variable
  • Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer - the ‘on-board’ Captivate LMS alternative
  • Using Adobe Typekit with Captivate
  • Troubleshooting any existing Captivate content you wish to bring along